Finding The Impossible

Finding those items that are Out Of Stock (the impossible to find) has become a passion and badge of honor I enjoy wearing.  It becomes a game of luxury Where's Waldo.  I've had a little luck lately and found some wonderful requests like this Louis Vuitton Trio Pouch.  The store has our spring drop of bags both brand new and vintage styles waiting for you to investigate for yourself! The fun of shopping and sharing our store with friends is that you'll never see the same piece on someone else.

Since COVID-19 came along a lot of things have changed for us...well for everyone.  We've been so grateful for the support of our community and our sale associates.  We have always been heavily focused on reaching our customers online, but since moving away from the tourist area of the Old Market in 2019 we have had a renewed dedication.  

COVID hitting in the timeframe that it did was both a blessing and a curse.  It's hard to look for the bright spots but they are there.  2020 brought along an opportunity for us to get settled in our new buildings and get things done that would have never happened if we had guests in the store.  We launched our production company Pretty Productions specializing in wedding design and event implementation.  The production company seems to have given me the excuse to buy and keep all these wacky vintage things.