Pretty Productions Wedding & Events

We started a production company!  It was an easy and natural addition to the Pretty In Patina brand taking our wedding and event customers to the next level.  For years we had customers asking to rent items from the store for photo shoots and their own events.  I've been involved with wedding and events for as long as I can remember.  Designing in theatre is what lead me to marketing and merchandising for retail.  
It seemed like a natural progression to expand our relationships with our bridal customers.  I'm often asked if I want some weird dusty item that has been sitting in someones basement or found in the back of a garage.  If it remotely speaks to me I'll keep it even if I have no idea what the hell we'll do with it.  I've been lucky to have wonderful relationships present themselves to me over the years of being in business.  Pretty Productions encompasses all of those relationships together as a remarkable team of designers, florists, caterers, bar specialists, contractors, event spaces, photographers, and calligraphers.  If someone asks we usually know someone that can do or make whatever needs to be done.  
Designing weddings and implementing them is no small undertaking.  Weddings are a day that only happens once (well we hope) in our lives.  My goal is to make our couples day something that they remember as a celebration of them.  My hope is to be a "fairy godmother" of sorts and make their lovely event appear in front of them.  If you're stressing about an event -whatever the event might be- be sure to let us know next time you stop by.  We might have some ideas!